Nicolas cage broke up with his young wife

Николас Кейдж расстался со своей молодой женой
Third marriage to the actor ended in failure.

Nicolas cage with wife Alice Kim

Photo: Splash News/East news

As reported by the online edition of the official representative of Nicolas cage, 52-year-old actor took
the decision to end his marriage with his third wife Alice Kim. And, as
said the press agent, in fact, the couple broke up for six months ago: they are not
living together since January of this year. What exactly led to this decision, the representative
Cage said. However, according to rumors, one of the reasons for the collapse of the marriage of the actor
was a large age difference between Nicholas and Alice for 20 years.

Cage and Kim
met when she was just 19 in February 2004. It worked then
a waitress in a restaurant at one of the Nightclubs in Los Angeles. As
told Nicholas, he fell in love with her at first sight.

said the actor, he was a happy marriage with a representative
completely different to his own culture. To him this experience
it seemed extremely interesting. However, when he first met the mother of his future spouse,
Cage, by his own admission, was shocked — it was so

Just two
month Nicholas and his fiancee announced their engagement, and in July of the same year
the wedding took place on a private ranch in Northern California. A little less than half a
years later, Alice gave birth to cage’s son, whom the parents gave the exotic name
Kal-El, in honor of the beloved hero’s of the cage,
which he wanted to play Superman.

In addition to his son
Alice, who is now 10 years old, Nicholas is quite adult, a 25 year old
son Weston from a longtime friend of the actor, Christina Fulton. As for the first two
the marriage of actor with actress Patricia Arquette (with whom he lived for 5 years) and daughter of Elvis Presley, Lisa Maria( this
the marriage lasted only 4 months), from them, Nicholas’s children left.

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