Разводы, затворничество и смерть жены: участников шоу «Дом» преследует злой рок Few remember, but in July 2003, exactly 15 years ago, the screens of the country came the first series of the show “House”. From him originates the current unsinkable project “House-2”. Unlike the follower in reality was attended by the couple.
Разводы, затворничество и смерть жены: участников шоу «Дом» преследует злой рок

Under the leadership of chief Nikolai Baskov and superintendent Alexey Kulichkova in four months they built in the suburbs, a mansion. The winners then the audience acknowledged the family Pichkaleva. From the house the couple refused and preferred to take the cash equivalent of the prize – 8 million rubles.



Разводы, затворничество и смерть жены: участников шоу «Дом» преследует злой рок

In recognition of Anna, though they with Dmitry failed to save the marriage, she was grateful to him for the wonderful son Maxim. “Dima, we are in an intimate relationship –says “StarHit” Anna. – He’s always there if you need help. Looking back, I think it was necessary to refuse participation in the show, is a mistake of youth. Perhaps life would have been different then. Now I’m happy with a new man – his name is Alex, he’s a childhood friend. We are raising a two year old daughter.” Dmitry and Anna settled in Moscow, both build a career. “I work in the firm, which is engaged in the climatic equipment, – continues Anna. – Dima is a creative Director in an advertising company. Incidentally, he has a good relationship with Alexei Kulikovym. It’s nice that Alex supports communication with former members and don’t forget them.”



Разводы, затворничество и смерть жены: участников шоу «Дом» преследует злой рок

Married couple looking Moscow and showed itself, after the draft, returned home to Minsk. In recognition of Olga, Belarus she and her husband would not change to any other country. “Ironically engaged in the construction of houses and their decoration – says “StarHit” Berkova. – So that the experience gained in the reality, come in handy. We have Andrew had two amazing kids. March 12, Mathew – 9, both go to school. When I learned that the issues of the project uploaded to the Internet, decided to revise the entire family. However, son and daughter didn’t even recognize us!”

Hobby Berkovich not changed: they also love barbecue, fishing and Hiking. “Of course, when you have kids, traveling is much less – continues to Olga. – But still trying to get somewhere. Show I barely remember, only in the summer, after all this time was shooting. Or when we come to visit former participants. Always welcome guys!”



Разводы, затворничество и смерть жены: участников шоу «Дом» преследует злой рок

A young family from Perm, the winners of the first “Home” upon returning to his hometown had to hide from the public: fans and the media attacked spouses who literally were on duty at the door of the apartment, he turned off the phone. Not only that, but the likelihood of being robbed or killed for the sake of an impressive amount of 8 million made them lead a solitary life. The couple came up with a way – never let anyone in his personal space. After a time, the newspaper has responded and were full of headlines about the disappearance of the winners of telestroke. We even identified them in two mutilated bodies found on the shore of the Kama river. Supposedly, Alex and Renata dealt with local bandits with whom they did not want to share.

Then it Pichkalevy broke the silence and got in touch with the media to personally deny the information. “Guys just don’t want publicity. The money invested in the business, and quite successfully, – says the “StarHit” Natalia Isacheva, a friend of the family. Opened in Perm the center of beauty “Christy”. Now engaged in the education of daughters and promotion of own business.



Разводы, затворничество и смерть жены: участников шоу «Дом» преследует злой рок

The audience awarded them a pair of second place. But about the show Ryabikova now do not remember their path has developed successfully, except that lead in different directions. “We with Vova are not together, – shares with “StarHit” Natalia. – I live in the South of Italy in Bari. Joke that here I was invited by St. Nicholas. Came to venerate his relics, and eventually remained for a long time. Work as a guide, teach Italians the Russian”.

With the former spouse Natalia communicates. He, too, moved abroad and lives in France.

“I don’t forget about your house – continues Ryabikova. – Priletajut Moscow once a year, I try to see all his family. I have not recognized for show. But if in conversation with foreigners to say about what was filmed, no one believes. But I’m glad to see that fame has passed, breathe in the now.”



Разводы, затворничество и смерть жены: участников шоу «Дом» преследует злой рок

On the project of Kirill and Tatyana considered exemplary couple. Wife at the time was married 14 years, worked in good positions. And to the question, why come on TV, replied briefly: “for the Sake of their daughter Alice, want to win her a house!” But 6 years later after the show they took the decision to divorce. Broke up peacefully, continued to nurture the total child… But the fate prepared for them a terrible ordeal. “Tanya is dead – says “StarHit” Cyril. – Daughter now I do. She’s a big girl – 19 years! We live in the capital, I work in the advertising industry. Soon Alice is going abroad, entered the Sorbonne!” Cyril fully supports initiatives daughter. “In Europe, the quality of education is better, says “StarHit” Alice Nyquist. – Love dad! At the first opportunity will come to each other’s homes”.

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Dmitry and Olesya Saveleva divorced.

After the show, the lovers understand that they are not suited to each other. “With Olesya we lived together for about two years – says the “StarHit” Dmitry Savelev. – We now do not communicate much, but, of course, we share a son. I myself live in Volgodonsk the Rostov region, the Director of children’s theater and teacher of acting. On my page in the social network are still kept photos from the project. Some of the students questioned about those times. But guys are confusing it with the modern program. By the way, I’m on the “House-2″ worked for 3 years editor of a night of releases!”.

Now Dmitry is happy in a new relationship and has a daughter Barbara. “With the guys on the show do not communicate – continues Savelev. – I know that some still held meetings. All TV is a funny place. Glad I had this experience!”