«Люблю Пугачеву без фотошопа»: Галкин опубликовал редкий снимок жены The comedian posted a photo of the Divas without makeup. According to Maxim Galkin, such Pugacheva, sincere and friendly, he likes most of all. Fans were delighted with the touching words of the presenter.
«Люблю Пугачеву без фотошопа»: Галкин опубликовал редкий снимок жены

If seven years ago, after the ceremony where someone else doubted the sincerity of the feelings of Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva, and now these people seem to left. And all thanks to the sincere tenderness with which the comedian tells about his wife.

In another post on Instagram, the man admired the natural beauty of his wife. According to Galkin, Pugacheva not need any filters, and even during the rest, she looks flawless.

“The girl from the river. That’s just a picture of Allusa. Glamorous without filters, photoshop all diabolical, and the like. Checked up antiquated method of photography: the face and the lens. Here’s a Pugacheva I love and see every day, with freckles from the sun and the only one in the world’s eyes. And you, my loyal subscribers, my dear followers, I wish you as often as possible to see your favorite person,” wrote Maxim.
«Люблю Пугачеву без фотошопа»: Галкин опубликовал редкий снимок жены

Another photo of Alla without makeup delighted fans. They noted that the star looks much younger than her age and literally glows with happiness.

Not less wonderful was the tenderness with which the humorist tells about his beloved. According to fans, thanks to the feelings Galkin Pugacheva is having a second youth.

“Most importantly, words without filters! From the heart and with love”, “I even let a tear, so touching Max talks about Alla. It’s real love”, “don’t listen to Anybody and be happy. You deserve it” – opinions of fans of the star couple.

By the way, Alla Borisovna in recent times shares adorable selfie without makeup. The woman is not shy about her age and wrinkles, which in the opinion of the fans, just give it a aristocracy.

While fans do not get tired to admire the figure of a Diva. From the old ladies in voluminous robes and left no trace. Pugachev today’s youth outfits and a permanent smile on my face. To questions about their diet, actress prefers not to answer. However, fans believe that the husband makes Dolly parton to control their diet and to introduce a limitation.