Опозорившуюся звезду «Игры престолов» выкинули из бара
Kit Harington has disappointed its fans.

Kit Harington

Photo Frame series “Game of Thrones”

In the role of Jon snow from the cult TV series “the Game
of thrones” is still in full celebrating the New year. And how had the opportunity to see visitors
bar Barfly, he’s clearly a little “touches” on the part of consumption
alcoholic beverages. Anyway, by the time
Kit Harington appeared yesterday in the popular new York establishment, he is clearly not
quite firmly kept on his feet. And after
several more doses of “intoxicating beverages”, adopted at the bar, the actor, hoops last year with Leslie rose, finally
lost self-control.

At some point, the 31-year-old Harrington thought that it would be nice to play Billiards. But this time he, unfortunately, was too drunk to behave normally. Keith grabbed the stick and instead try to score the ball in the pocket, began banging them on the table, and then began to poke my guns into the face of the players standing around waiting their turn. As a result, Harrington was asked politely to leave the bar.

He was obeyed, but then for some reason changed his mind and came back, got in a fight. Then kit was expelled from the bar by force. And, while the guards dragged him to the exit, he gave them a desperate resistance. The whole scene was filmed by someone from visitors on a mobile phone camera and posted on the web. And fans of Harington was severely disappointed by the behavior of his “hero”…