Евгений Жариков не смог простить себя за измену до самой смерти Natalya Gvozdikova can not forget the betrayal of the deceased spouse. In the documentary devoted to her anniversary, the actress spoke for the first time, who helped her in this difficult situation.
Евгений Жариков не смог простить себя за измену до самой смерти

Today, January 7, one of the most striking beauties of the Soviet cinema Natalia Gvozdikova celebrates its anniversary. The actress was 70 years old. She starred in films that have become classics such as “Big change” and “Born of the revolution”. On the set she met her future husband Yevgeny Zharikov, then already a successful actor. During the first meeting Zharikov and Gvozdikova really right for each other did not like. Natalia was late for a shoot, which caused the anger of the partner. And she thought that Eugene just a boring pretty boy. But after a while the actors have any romantic feelings. They married, and in 1976 the couple had an only child – the son of Fyodor.

In the documentary of the First channel “Natalia Gvozdikova. Born to love, born to forgive” actress talked about the relationship in the family. She was sympathetic to the fact that the son decided to become a translator, not an actor.

“I look at you and regret” – said Fyodor. Is he still in school did not go, and remained alone, waiting for us with the filming. The nurse told me how Fedor said: “Mamase no, papacy there, and I Odyn,” – said Gvozdikova.
Евгений Жариков не смог простить себя за измену до самой смерти

However, the main theme confidential conversation Natalia Gvozdikovoy and author of the documentary Valentina Pimanova began the long and very troubled relationship with her husband. In the 90 years, with Yevgeny Zharikov was the other woman. Novel by journalist Tatiana Sacredboy became the property of the whole country. The woman gave birth to the people’s artist of two children and publicly asked her to help. Zharikov was done with Tatiana, sorry about them, repented. Gvozdikova forgave the betrayal of her husband, but he himself, admitted for the first time as Natalya Fyodorovna, reproached to the last days of life.

Yevgeny Zharikov: “God punished me…”

“I know how to forgive. There is a priest who was aware of all Affairs. I said to my Wife – you should go to father George. After some time we went together and George told me: “Natasha, you have to forgive him”. To forgive?! Eugene?! It was very difficult. And he never forgave”, – frankly said Gvozdikova.
Евгений Жариков не смог простить себя за измену до самой смерти

Friend of the family, the actress Natalya Bondarchuk said that the observed relationship in this acting pair after scandal. “They haven’t changed at all, – said Bondarchuk, She made the point. “You’re my husband, I’m your wife, and I help you”. Jack then almost did not go, could barely move, it was all on Natasha.”

Yevgeny Zharikov died six years ago. Natalya Fyodorovna still goes to talk with his father George, and the old history remembers with great reluctance. “It was very hard. So now when they want me to transfer, I try to bribe him with money, and I’m not a rich man, I could really use the money, I refuse. No! I put a fat point. Then I tried someone to bite: “She’s got a point, but at this point it is impossible to deliver”. For God’s sake – it’s your opinion,” says the actress.