Disease daughter Lolita turned out to be fiction

Недуг дочки Лолиты оказался выдумкой
The singer told the truth about the condition of the daughter.

Lolita with daughter eve

Photo: @Instagram lolitamilyavskaya Lolita

Lolita shared her outrage with the fans. As said today the artist, information about the fact that her daughter was born autistic — fiction detractors! The singer is deeply offended by the fact that for many years eve is credited with a nonexistent disease. She says that 17-year-old daughter ever had this disease. The singer does not deny: many years ago, when my daughter was a baby, doctors suggested different diagnoses, but they have not been confirmed!

“Never my daughters don’t have autism! Some jerk posted her name on the website children with this disease. Perhaps this was due to “hacks”, in an interview which, when Evie was little, I told of how some “doctors” wanting to breed for money, tried to give us a diagnosis. One of the great Russian scientists, Professor Petrukhin Andrey Sergeevich, specialist for autism, gave his opinion many years ago, and this spring, met we on vacation, reiterated that he was surprised to see eve in those lists!” — said Lolita. The artist called to account those who spread information about the fact that eve is an autistic child.

The theme of the health of the daughter of the singer has been actively discussed in recent days due to the fact that the authorities of the country where Eva lives with her grandmother, refused to allow its territory lolita. Border service took her from the train and gave the artist the opportunity to see her daughter. The singer was told that was lucky for Eva, medication, as she was recently unwell.