Media: Angelina Jolie will once again be a mother

СМИ: Анджелина Джоли снова станет мамой
The actress and her new boyfriend are planning to adopt another child.

Angelina Jolie


According to
the information available to the website Angelina Jolie is going to start the adoption process one
for the seventh child. And she hoped that foster the child’s father will be her
a mysterious new boyfriend.

that Jolie would like to expand the composition of your family, go for a long time. However, to
last fall her plans met a major obstacle. The fact that pitt
was against another child. In his opinion, it would have caused
the detriment of the other children because each of them has got to be, in the end, even less
attention of parents. But after Jolie decided to divorce with brad, her
more nothing can stop it. Since then, as she began a secret affair
with a certain Brit, whose name has not been revealed, her decision became even more
solid. The fact that new Beau of the actress supported her plan.

About the new
boyfriend Jolie yet known very little — only that it is more than 40 years, he
entrepreneur with significant condition. And yet — he had a lot of time and
forces gives charity work, and his efforts are directed, in particular,
to help the population of the poorest countries in Africa. Which suggests:
next baby Jolie can be adopted from one of these countries.

As for
Pitt, then he is said to strongly disapproves of the plan. However, to prevent
Jolie, brad does not. Currently all his efforts are aimed at
to successfully complete the divorce process with Angelina and get
he wants joint custody of the existing six “children”