Discussing the upcoming wedding of the daughter Peskov

В Сети обсуждают предстоящую свадьбу дочери Пескова Lisa caught the bride’s bouquet. The girl shared with the celebrations, which gave her friends. The subscribers hope that very soon the girl will go away. Peskov’s daughter says: with a Frenchman and she really did not want to live together.
В Сети обсуждают предстоящую свадьбу дочери Пескова

Over the weekend the daughter of Dmitry Peskov Lisa went to a wedding. The last time the girl lives in two cities: in Paris, as well as attending important events in Moscow. As admitted Lisa, celebrating with friends in the Chechen style she caught the bride’s bouquet. In the picture, the heiress of the press Secretary of the President of Russia has posted on Instagram, she’s holding a big armful of flowers.

Subscribers not only appreciated the beautiful makeup Lisa, which can be considered in two shots, but said that it was now looking forward to her wedding. “So, soon to get married”, “Well, wait! Now you, beauties, have to be a holiday!”, “Sign from above”, and discussed the happy news followers.

Answering questions, Lisa said that living independently from parents. “You know that I work and the last trip pay for itself,” – said Peskov daughter.

Some users of the social network suggest the girl to choose the young man and future husband among Russian citizens, as foreigners have a different mentality. Lisa jokes that just does not want to marry a Frenchman.

В Сети обсуждают предстоящую свадьбу дочери Пескова

Lisa is in no hurry to start a family. 20-year-old girl engaged in active social activities and tries to show everyone by example that it is possible to realize any ideas. Also in the microblog she often talks about the journeys to different cities.

Sometimes for their daring statements and reasoning the girl is subjected to this harassment. “Over the last two years I am a daily victim of cyberbullying. Insults and bullying are subject to my mental abilities, my alleged life, my looks and my family. My slightest error raises a new wave of hatred, no desire to live not just in social networks, but also to live at all. Such is the power of cyberbullying. However, at some point I realized that I am the object of hatred not as a person, not like Lisa Peskov 1998, and as a person, someone’s opinion involved in the political system,” wrote the girl on Twitter after she was criticized for an article about education in a certain publication.