Medvedev argues with Tutberidze because of Sagitova

Медведева разругалась с Тутберидзе из-за Загитовой The skater was offended by the coach. According to Eteri Tutberidze, Medvedev could resign from it, because at the Olympic games was attended by Alina Sagitova, which could remain in the Junior team for a while.
Медведева разругалась с Тутберидзе из-за Загитовой

At the end of last week it became known that the winner of two silver medals at the Olympic games in 2018 Evgeny Medvedev took the decision to withdraw from coach Eteri Tutberidze. Presumably, the skater was unhappy that her mentor took to Korea Alina Sagitova, which could be composed of juniors. She Tutberidze allegedly learned about the decision Genis from journalists.

“Rumors have escalated. I wrote to my Wife. No replies to TEXTS, no answers to calls,” said Eteri.

In the First channel, the coach also recalled an incident after one of the performances Medvedeva in Pyeongchang.

“Coming from Olympic ice, she left the children’s phrase: “don’t you, Alina was able to hold another year in juniors?” I said, “Jack, what are you, everyone should have equal chances”. This needs to be faith in the coach, faith daily in the result, not any conditions,” – said eter.

Tutberidze sure that after such conduct and utter disregard of its messages accurately Medvedev has already decided everything for myself. “Parting with her if she puts some conditions is probably inevitable,” – added the coach of the skaters. It was previously reported that Eugene thinks to leave Russia and begin to train under canadian coach Brian Orser. In the future, Medvedev reportedly plans to compete under the Armenian flag.

However, later the President of the figure skating Federation of Armenia Melanya Stepanyan said that they have not had any discussions with the Olympic medalist. “The rumors that Medvedev will play for Armenia are untrue. This option was not even discussed,” – said the woman.

Experts believe that Medvedev will become the best team of Armenia, if they will change their decision. “Of course, Medvedev – prima, the role status is put. I’m sure she will add as a slip and artistry. In this case I have only one question: will I ever see this judge, and, if you see how they will appreciate it,” said coach Rafael Arutyunyan.

Later Medvedev personally commented on the story with the departure from Tutberidze. “Turning to the topic of the events of the last days, I want to clarify the situation. I will continue to play for the Russian Federation, staying in the school “Sambo-70″, training with canadian coach Brian Orser. I do it in order to use the new features and other techniques of the training process and continue to represent Russia at the highest level”, – said the athlete.

While it is difficult to say exactly who to blame for the discord between Tutberidze and Medvedeva. Presumably, she was unable to accept the fact that not won gold at the Games. “When it comes to divorce, then both are guilty… that’s life,” – said Tatiana Tarasova about such cases.

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