В Сети обсуждают воссоединение Алеси Кафельниковой с рэпером Pharaoh According to rumors, the young men have overcome the crisis in relations. Fans Alesya Kafelnikov and Gleb Golubina, better known as Pharaoh, I have no doubt that they are Dating again. Themselves alleged lovebirds have not confirmed the speculation.
В Сети обсуждают воссоединение Алеси Кафельниковой с рэпером Pharaoh

Recently 19-year-old daughter of a famous tennis player Ales Kafelnikov became the heroine of the show “Let them talk”, which frankly told about the struggle with addiction and the support of loved ones. However, about his former lover, 22 – year-old rapper Pharaoh (Gleb Golubin) – model chose not to speak. Fans Alesya regarded it as another proof that she’s reunited with ex-boyfriend.

Mom Alesya Kafelnikov first talked about her addiction

Recently, the Network appeared photos of Alesya and Gleb, made, apparently, recently. Pictures again provoked heated discussions on the Internet. Fans believe that the young people are reunited after the break, provoked by the threat dependence of the young model.

Themselves Kafelnikov and Golubin not in a hurry to comment on the rumors about the resumption of relations. The young people had not wanted to attract too much attention to his personal life. While Ales does not cease to intrigue the public posts, alluding to the fact that she communicates with Gleb. So, once the model quoted the song Pharaoh “in One piece”, and then urged to download the new track “mob Ties”. Just like in the days when Ales met with Gleb and publicly admired his album “Lonely Star”.

Interestingly, in the song “mob Ties” is a line that many regarded as a dedication of the parent Alesya Yevgeny Kafelnikov: “Her dad whined that I’m being unsociable. But I’m not talking about fish, because I’m not emelja”. The Network has found that the way Gleb commented on interview with tennis player one of sports titles. During the conversation with journalists Kafelnikov said that he had spent “hard” conversation with a Pigeon about drugs. The man feared that communication with the musician may adversely affect his daughter.

Pharaoh and Ales Kafelnikov broke up in the summer of 2017. Then the model reported in social networks that they finally said goodbye, and decided to take a break. About the reasons of quarrel with the choice of Ales has decided not to extend. The news was a blow for fans of the pair. More recently, young people together attending social events and posed for magazines. Many believed that then Hleb Ales dedicated the song “My angel killed himself, I don’t have time to say goodbye”.

It is possible that after Kafelnikov was able to cope with a serious addiction, she returned to Golubino. Photos from private Instagram Alesya, which was available SUPER, support this theory.

В Сети обсуждают воссоединение Алеси Кафельниковой с рэпером Pharaoh