Бывшая жена актера «Легенды №17» назвала истинные причины развода Timur efremenkov officially broke up with his wife Julia two years ago. The couple decided to divorce after eight years of living together. Recently Julia has shed light on the reasons why it happened. According to the girl, Timur still loves her.
Бывшая жена актера «Легенды №17» назвала истинные причины развода

30-year-old Julia Efremenkova (nee – Kiriyenko) was the leading reality show “Dom-2”. The girl found love on telestroke roll in the hay with Sergey Kucherova. In 2016 Julia divorced actor Timur by Efremenkova, played in the film “Legend №17” the role of a hockey player Boris Mikhailov. The couple broke up after eight years together, of which they spent four years in official marriage.

Julia recently gave a Frank interview to journalists in which he told about the reasons of divorce. According to the star telestroke, Timur was not loyalty, but their breakup was due to others.

“Changed, Yes, but not the cause of divorce. Once quarreled badly, even broke up and he went left. I could feel it, so when we got back together, were constantly tortured: it was – it was not. Said that will not be offended and will understand. But as-that before New year we were laying in bed when suddenly the phone rang… I Heard a female voice, and the husband began vaguely justified” – says the brunette.

Julia forced Timur to call the fan and turn on the speakerphone. Star telestroke forced my husband to read the text that she came up with. “The girl immediately refreshed his memory,” says Efremenkova. After that, patience Yulia snapped, and she had a big fight with her husband. However, after a time, the pair managed to make peace, but the idyll did not last long.

“It was difficult to forgive, but more important that a person remains morally correct. Physical infidelity is hard, but can justify, but the moral never. I’ve forgiven him and we went to my mom’s to celebrate the New year. Therefore, the reason for the separation of different – Timur lost our love. Could pull the as on entertainment. Maybe that’s why we never had children, I was afraid to give birth. Afraid to live with the idea that everything can be lost at any second, although ex-husband is a good man who continues to love me,” said Efremenkova.

After breaking up with actor Julia decided to look for love on TV show “Dom-2”. At first she tried to build love with Gleb by Zhemchugova. The girl has openly expressed his sympathy, but he did not treat her feelings seriously. In the result, Julia has turned his attention to other young people. After a while Efremenkova started Dating Sergei Zachariasen. The participants of the reality show was considered a solid couple, so the breakup was for the fans by surprise. Following the beloved Julia became Sergey Kucherov. Their relationship started with friendship, but then escalated into something more.

Sergey support throughout the second half. Now Yulia difficult period. She genuinely cares for the mother with serious health problems. The mother of the girl had a serious operation to remove part of the intestine, which lasted a couple of hours, according to the magazine “House-2”.