В Сети обсуждают беременность Светланы Лободы The singer has not commented on this information. Today Svetlana Loboda participated in the big concert, but did not tell, whether is in position. However, the health star was unimportant.

A few hours ago Svetlana Loboda participated in the concert on the occasion of awarding the prize “HEAT”. Shortly before this, in the Internet appeared the information about the second pregnancy of the star. Supposedly the actress is expecting a child from a foreign soloist of the Rammstein’s till Lindemann. Presumably, the star is seven months pregnant.

“StarHit” talked with representatives Loboda, but none of them gave an exact answer, is whether the artist in the position. They tried not to comment, however, denials were not given.

Svetlana this evening he was feeling, and for a reward, which she was supposed to, never came.

Previously, the star was negatively disposed towards such rumors. She often laughed over what is discussed in social networks. Fans weren’t familiar concert outfits Loboda with wide skirts in the waist, suggesting that she is pregnant. the artist herself has long wanted to have a second child.

“I would really like more time to spend with eve, to try to balance busy schedule and find a way to be near the child to monitor their achievements. And, of course, it would be great if Eva has a baby brother. I think we are ready,” said Loboda before the New year.

Singer repeatedly stated that it is very difficult to live without a man. “all need to be on my own. And when you have another baby… I can’t afford the extra time to relax, go on vacation, because they are the only breadwinner in the family and needs a lot of work. Andrey tried to make daughter not feel slighted because of our breakup. When I realized that it can no longer be together, decided to disband. To make sacrifices for your daughter and keep a semblance of family life felt wrong. Decided that will push your emotions to the background, if only the child was good…” – frankly Svetlana talked about the breakup with the father of the child.