Режиссер «Отряда самоубийц» снимет спин-офф о Харли Квинн, Женщине-кошке и Ядовитом плюще

Harley Quinn played by Margot Robbie became a major star of the blockbuster “suicide Squad”, which premiered this summer. The appearance of Australian actress was so bright and attention-grabbing that fans immediately began to talk about the need to create separate movie where Harley would get the main role.

The requests of the fans were heard and today Warner Bros. openly says that “green light” to shoot the film on Quinn was given.

Spin-off of the beloved Joker may remove Director David Eyre. The working title of the project “the Siren of Gotham” (Gotham City Sirens).

Note that except for Harley Quinn in the film, there will be some more villains cartoon DC universe. Are expected to join the project cat-Woman and poison ivy ((which in this comic book is a girl’s Harley).

The script is already engaged in the Geneva Robertson-Dworet. The basis of Teleostei lies the comic book series “Sirens” by Paul Dini and Gillem March.

Recall that a Female cat at different times, played by Michelle Pfeiffer, Halle berry and Anne Hathaway. Poison ivy on the big screen embodied only Uma Thurman.

Date of commencement of filming and premiere date not yet known.

Earlier, the soundtrack of “suicide Squad” nominated for five Grammy awards.