Scandal because of the reunion with the Queen mad Nikolaev

Скандал из-за воссоединения с Королевой вывел из себя Николаева
The musician asked fans to leave him alone.

Igor Nikolaev and Natasha Koroleva


Igor Nikolaev, it seems, put an end to the scandal that erupted after his reunion with Natasha Koroleva. The fact that the former wife of composer decided to give their fans a surprise and invited Nikolayeva to perform a duet with her on her solo concert in the Kremlin. But, unfortunately, the appearance of the legendary “Dolphin and mermaid” produced is not the effect which, probably, expected the singer.

The performance of the pair was subjected to harsh criticism: some of the fans saw in the behavior of Igor on the stage of disrespect to Natasha. He, supposedly, pointedly departed from the Queen when she got near him, pulls his hand in that moment, when she took his hand and hurriedly left the stage after the speeches, not even taking the flowers from fans. As a result, Igor struck a wave of criticism from the fans of Queen. They gave him in social networks this persecution.

To the fans of his ex-wife left him alone, Igor had to write an appeal to them in his microblog first, he quoted the words of Natasha with the opinion held about the concert: “Thank you for this evening! It was very exciting and touching!” After that, he quite bluntly asked all the unhappy fans of the Queen once and for all to leave his microblog. “Maybe this brief and, I hope, a sincere comment your favorite singer in this photo you calm down, you stop to look in a dark room for a black cat that isn’t there, and together they leave my page? The songs I wrote for NK, turned out to be long lasting, stood the test of time and people’s love, so go in Small Country that I created for her and for you, you’ll be warm and cozy, and, by the way, according to Ilya Reznik, there is always spring!”