Директор Ирины Понаровской поймала ее приемную дочь на лжи The first year Anastasia Kurmysheva attends various TV shows where he talked about how he was allegedly abandoned by the artist. But, according to a representative for the actress, the story is slightly edited, “forgetting” to mention his misdeeds.
Директор Ирины Понаровской поймала ее приемную дочь на лжи

In mid-August adopted daughter Irina Ponarovskaya once again appeared on television with her story of a difficult childhood. She repeatedly complained to journalists that the famous actress has given her to the orphanage after the birth of her son Anthony. As a result, many criticized the singer, who refused four children. This time in the Studio of “actually” Kormysheva remembered that the ex-spouse Ponarovskaya Rodd Weiland not was a caring father and even let her hit me. But the polygraph is not confirmed “testimony” and the musician was acquitted. While Irina was again condemned for refusing to communicate with my stepdaughter. To clarify the situation decided by the Director of the actress Lera Covina. She stated that Anastasia is largely slukavil.

Adopted daughter Ponarovskaya learned the truth about domestic violence

11-month-old Nastia has appeared in a family of artists in 1983. In Zlatoust in the dressing room Ponarovskaya came a young woman with a baby in her arms. She explained that she had a visiting African, but contain a girl can not, and offered to buy it. The singer has pity on the baby and took her to raise.

“Anastasia has no relation to Irina. She just goes on TV and public relations at the expense of Ponarovskaya! explained Covina. – I wish this girl told how Irina took her small and helpless, and cured infections. What sores were not in a child: skin diseases, lice and even, sorry, a sexually transmitted disease. Imagine a little girl! Apparently, from birth she lived in a dysfunctional environment. Irina, very kind person decided to help the child and took the girl to his family.”

After the birth of her son Anthony Roddy changed the attitude towards the baby. He repeatedly offered the singer to give the present to the orphanage, but she refused, because attached to the girl as her own. Then the man waited for the departure of his wife on tour and he gave her to a shelter. Ponarovskaya he, according to Tobinai, lied that the child came by its mother.

The reunion of of Irene’s foster daughter happened many years later. On one of the talk shows, the actress admitted that she would like to meet a girl and find out what life is like for her in another family. The TV crew found 16-year-old Anastasia in the orphanage. Only at this point revealed a false Rodda. Ponarovskaya again took the girl to himself, but that, says the representative of the singer, began to behave indecently.

“First she started to steal things from the house and resell them. Then got to the money. The last straw was the behavior of her relation to a son of Irene Anthony. Imagine that you have a 13-year-old son and some girl starts to seduce. The singer witnessed this terrible scene. After this she had to part with Anastasia. What other decision could take Irina, when her eyes seduce son steal. And it’s gratitude for all the good she did for this child. Unfortunately, when people take other people’s children in foster care is like a roulette wheel. Sometimes genes take their toll” – said about the incident Tuwina.

Director artist believes that career daughter Irene did not happen. It some time, danced a Striptease, and then from that job, quit. “Other professional skills to earn a living, she is not, – tells Lera Covina. So she goes on TV and for the money together with the former husband of Irina trying to throw mud at the singer,” concluded Tuwina in an interview to KP.