Ольга Бузова плачет по ночам без любимого Popular TV presenter told followers in Instagram how hard it is for her to cope with the consequences of divorce. She admitted that until one can afford to let too close, but really wants kisses under the moonlight and a big hug.

Millions of followers on Instagram sure that Olga Buzova has literally everything that you could wish for: a successful career, exotic travel and love the fans. However, in reality, her life is not so beautiful. The girl admitted that still can not move away from the gap with her husband, footballer Dmitry Tarasov, and even a busy schedule is not helping her to escape.

“Many people think that I’m the iron, the friends even jokingly call me “robot” because whatever happened to me, I work my butt off around the clock. Some people think that life situation that happened to me, so I tempered that much human is alien to me. This is not so. I would say more, I’ve become even more sentimental. It is difficult for me. Very. I’m tired of being strong, tired of being alone”, she shared with subscribers.

To start a new relationship the girl is now very difficult. The TV presenter admits to not being ready to be exchanged: it is looking for the perfect man who will take her to all the “cockroaches and shortcomings.”

“It’s been almost a year and I still can’t afford to keep. And men recently “crushed”. No offense. I hope this does not affect all, and somewhere walking on this earth “my” people. But I don’t want to settle for less. The longer I am alone, the higher my bar in the relationship. I need a story, need these men’s actions. Now my tears stream down my cheeks. Lately with me it happens often, but I never no show. No one wants to see tears, smile, a lightness and positivity,” he revealed the soul of a media personality.

By the way, not so long ago about situations in life leading “House-2” said her sister Anna. She noted that Olga has changed after the divorce, her eyes became too much sadness. However, according to the girls, Buzova be able to cope with any difficulties.

“I envy the inner strength and endurance sisters. Often think about what would have long given up if I was there such tests. However, Olga is moving forward, smiling and not giving up. It is very great”, – assured businesswoman.

Anna Buzova open up about divorce sisters

But fans of TV presenter worried about her health. Another wave of rumors arose after appearing in the Network snapshot of Olga in a swimsuit. Users “Instagram” noted excessive thinness Buzova. It is known that the fashionable brunette carefully watching their figure and practice sport regularly, which allows it to stay in great shape. But the public came to the conclusion that she suffers from anorexia. Fans of Olga Buzova beg her to start eating