Дима Билан открыл собственный отель Mini-hotel singer opened with a relative. It turned out that the hotel has been working for almost a year and almost reached profitability. Dima Bilan thinks she’s perfect “for the people”.
Дима Билан открыл собственный отель

Dima Bilan is one of the most popular and sought-after artists of his generation, an absolute star, whose work schedule painted for months forward. But it turned out, in addition to music, artist care and other areas.

He told his fans that relatives were engaged in the hotel business and showed his own hotel, which was built and prepared for operation for three years. Curiously, he began to do advertising the hotel, did not specify neither the name nor exact location. But noted the status and availability of hotel three star and “for the people”.

“With a family member, companion opened a hotel in the suburbs, one of the most popular genres of mini hotels included in this year’s three most promising businesses, because the country is developing tourism. Affordable hotel “three stars”, 29, full number. Available, clean, completed all the fee and most importantly for people. Advertising is where it should be. This segment of the budget, does not require advertising for luxury resources, but may be voiced at the time. Worked for three years with a companion on this project,” wrote Bilan.

Dima conducted a video tour of the hotel. It was really a small three-storey cottage, surrounded by green trees, with the unassuming architecture. The numbers that showed Bilan, bright with new furniture and fresh decoration. It turned out that the hotel has been operating for almost 12 months and quite successfully. “To self-sufficiency goes. Still going to rework the road. For me personally, is a new and anxious experience. This is only the beginning”, – said Bilan.

Members noted the advantages of mini-hotel semetic that the rooms are not similar to those in which usually stops the artist himself. However, most users still interested in the hotel, as potential customers.

Dima Bilan is not the only artist who went into business. For example, Sergey Lazarev has a shop desserts for cats and dogs, Philip Kirkorov karaoke club, Alla Pugacheva – school of creative development for children and their own brand of shoes, and Timothy and his company Black star – branded clothing shops, eateries and beauty salons.