Яна Рудковская оказалась в эпицентре урагана Recently producer with her husband and son went to the training camp in Bulgaria. Yana Rudkovskaya did not expect that here she would have to witness a terrible natural disaster. Fortunately, the family Rudkovskaya was not injured.
Яна Рудковская оказалась в эпицентре урагана

Recently Yana Rudkovskaya and his family flew to Bulgaria for the training camp. Hot sun, blue skies, near the sea, in the country has created ideal conditions for a good rest. Today, however, the 43-year-old producer almost became a victim of the elements on the coastline, a strong hurricane struck, literally, which demolished everything in its path.

According to Rudkovskaya, nothing foretold trouble and even the weather forecast from early morning promised a clear sky. That is why Yana without fear went to the beach, where she caught a hurricane. Fortunately, the wife of figure skater Evgeni Plushenko was injured.

“Caught in a hurricane in Bulgaria,” wrote Jana, posting a photo and showed us the consequences of a natural disaster: broken umbrellas scattered mattresses and beach paraphernalia.
Яна Рудковская оказалась в эпицентре урагана

By the way, a month ago Rudkovskaya together with the family was in Japan, where he witnessed the earthquake. Then, fortunately, nothing happened. “Honey, thank you for the experience. With us all well, today we experienced the earthquake in six points. Crumbling plaster in the room and yet, not trains. Now we are from Kobe can’t get to Osaka and we all have a light shock,” reported celebrity fans.

Recall now Rudkovskaya about ten years of living in marriage with Evgeny Plushenko. The couple grows five year old son Sasha, who not only accompany their parents on all trips, but, despite his young age, he earns money. Heir to the star pair also shows great results in figure skating. The boy’s parents started early to instill in him a love for this sport that sometimes don’t like their fans. For this reason criticized Rudkovskaya still many believe that Yana and Evgeny deprived of Sasha’s childhood, forcing them to devote their free time to training on the ice.

“Who haunted the little boy trudaine that in three years, gathers applause at the show no less than his famous dad, until today, remained a mystery. Ashamed of you guys! What you fighting with mom and dad Sasha can not handle, but only that such act, suggests that you are really unhappy people, and only God will judge”, wrote Rudkovskaya in the microblog.

Jan admits she is very fond of children and in the near future intends to have a baby. They Eugene a dream about my daughter.

Yana Rudkovskaya is preparing for the birth of his daughter