Dima Bilan fired for theft

В Диму Билана стреляли за воровство

In Bilan shot! Sounds just awful, however, it is. However, this was not in the recent past, and childhood of the artist, and, thank God, had no serious consequences.

On the case of the shooting told a good friend Dima, with whom he is familiar from childhood – Olga Bilan Veretelnik and studied together at the music school.

As the woman speaks, in childhood, Victor (real name of actor) was a bully, constantly looking for adventure.

“At the age of eight years, before meeting me, he with the boys from the yard run hither and on the public fields in search of tomatoes, raspberries, cherries, strawberries, grapes and apples. Usually these adventures ended successfully – the guys gathered pockets full production and satisfied returned home,” says Veretelnik.

But one day watchman, who previously did not notice children or forgive them their antics, showed keen powers of observation. “Given all of the guns with salt at the fifth points of several boys and Dima including. Hit him in the leg, fortunately not much. But this case does not discourage thieves hunting to eat other people’s fruit,” — says Olga.

I wonder if after the case of Bilan was repeated petty crime?