У Эммы Стоун украли шутку

Hollywood actress Emma stone, which is in early January, we will be able to see in her most recent film project “La La land”, became the heroine of a glossy edition of Rolling Stone, in an interview which talked about discrimination against women in Hollywood and about the difficulties she had to face climbing the career ladder.

“There was a case when I thought of the joke. We then have the whole group over her had a good laugh, but my improvisation gave the actor the man. Just took and took from me invented a joke. It was a shame,” said Emma. Happened and Vice versa. During the filming Emma noticed that humorous remark sounds stupid and not funny, but persuaded her to tell her, promising that he will cut installation, if it seems unsuccessful. In the end, the joke left, and Emma began to look ridiculous on the screen.
Sometimes that stone openly declared that her presence prevents the film-making process, and these egregious cases, said Emma, as the treatment of women in Hollywood, needs to be changed.
In childhood, stone had suffered a nervous breakdown and panic attacks.
“At the age of seven I began to feel that our house is on fire. It was not a hallucination, but I was literally choking from the smoke and couldn’t breathe. These anxiety attacks were frequent” — admitted the actress.