Умер писатель Даниил Гранин The famous man of letters was 98 years old. According to media reports, Granin died in the resuscitation Department of one of St. Petersburg hospitals. Russian readers, he is remembered for his works “the Searchers,” “Going to storm” and “After the wedding”. His best work is considered “Blockade book”.
Умер писатель Даниил Гранин

In the night of Wednesday in one of the hospitals of St. Petersburg passed away 98-year-old Daniil Granin. According to some reports, the famous writer was in intensive care and was connected to the ventilator.

As reported by local media, the writer will be buried near St. Petersburg, in the cemetery in Komarovo near his wife Rimma Maiorova. It is assumed that all costs would be borne by the city government.

Daniil Granin was considered to be the oldest writer who survived the siege of Leningrad during the great Patriotic war. In 1941 a man, a volunteer went to the front. Granin found hard times, when his hometown was occupied by the Germans.

“The example of Leningrad was inspiring to Russia. European cities surrendered to the Wehrmacht, Leningrad no. What is diary of a blockade? Spiritual food,” – said the writer.

In 1970, together with Ales Adamovich Granin he began work on the “Blockade book”, which included memories of hundreds people. The work was published only seven years later, as has long been considered ideologically harmful.

Later in his interview with Granik was able to speak frankly about what happened in Leningrad during the siege. However, the writer has always been difficult to reminisce about the war.

A few years ago all the world’s media wrote about the speech by Daniel Granik in Germany. The man delivered a speech to German politicians at a ceremony in memory of the victims of national socialism. He made such an impression on people that they could not hold back the tears.

“I set myself a task just to tell you how it was, without literature, without pathos, without any verbal decoration. Accurately, dispassionately. As mentally recall the experience. I want to pay tribute to the members of the Bundestag, and the Germans, who organized my visit: it was pretty manly. They didn’t know what I’m going to say, and could imagine that I would hate to accuse them and Germany. But when I came to the podium, I realized that the hall sitting at the other Germans, not those with whom I fought,” said Granin.

The most famous works of Granin considered “the Searchers,” “Going to storm,” “After the wedding”, “Nice.”, “rock Garden”, “Month upside down” and “Rain in a strange city”. The first three novels were staged and later filmed.

Daniil Granin is the owner of a number of prestigious awards. One of the latter was the State prize, which the writer was awarded by Vladimir Putin personally. At the ceremony in the Konstantinovsky Palace the head of state broke Protocol and he approached an elderly writer to congratulate him personally.