Dana Borisova: “Daughter does not want to communicate with me”

Дана Борисова: «Дочь не хочет со мной общаться» The presenter is confident that the former husband turned child against her. In a candid interview with “StarHit” Dana Borisova told about the ongoing treatment, a tense relationship with the birth mother and attempts to establish communication with the heiress.
Дана Борисова: «Дочь не хочет со мной общаться»

Last week, Dana Borisova said his two-month stay in a rehabilitation centre of the National anti-drug Union in Thailand. Recall that in April, the friends of the 41-year-old star at the initiative of the chief editor of “StarHit” Andrey Malakhov sent her to get treatment. Dana lives in a Villa on Koh Samui, every day, attending special seminars and talking with a psychologist. The schedule is painted literally on minutes, phone use is prohibited, but in the dense healing process, she still found the time to speak with “StarHit” on Skype. Borisov told how the rehab, what she learned and why she cried all the time and can’t sleep.

“Count to a hundred and pray”

Dana, is so strict that even the iPhone away?
Дана Борисова: «Дочь не хочет со мной общаться»He’s still under lock and key. The first two weeks the residents are generally without communication. And then we are allowed to make a call with a local cell – one at all – a couple times a week and talk for ten minutes. It was for the best therapeutic effect of rehabilitation. Yes, it is beautiful, we were placed in a beautiful Villa overlooking the sea, but this is not the resort. In General, few people understand what it is. I think that I lie under a dropper and running around the doctors. Too true.—
But in reality, how?
Дана Борисова: «Дочь не хочет со мной общаться»I’m a member of a group of seven people. Live in the same house but in different rooms. My neighbors – status people and children themselves. By the way, I was the only girl. Get up at 8 am. The last time we were awakened 24-year-old Murat, who a year and a half daily intake of methadone. In the morning he yells so loud “lift” that you hear everything. At 8:30 starts charging. Then Breakfast. Usually served with porridge, eggs, omelets. After start seminars with leading people, successfully overcoming his addiction. We have a 12-step program. Everything is tight, like in school. Three “lessons” are to each other. I will outline heard and read brochures on various topics: how to live without bad habits, to stay sober, to control the emotions. If the earlier heavy thoughts, I was corrected with the use of, now learn to do it with the help of internal exposure. Lunch at 2 PM. Fed with soup, rice, boiled chicken. Then schedule sessions with a psychologist and video training. After dinner I watch movies about the consequences of addictions. I like to keep the “analiticka” – a notebook where you write down almost everything – thoughts, emotions, feelings, and then analyze.—
Is there any progress? What has changed?
Дана Борисова: «Дочь не хочет со мной общаться»Physically to give up bad habits was easy. I don’t want to, even have. Usually people in rehab recovering from 5 to 20 kg, and I lost almost 7. But mentally it’s tough. Been constantly crying. Night can’t sleep. Asked the consultant Azat – he has 2 years of sobriety, sleeping pill, and he said to me, “Count to a hundred and pray.” Now turn to God, ask you to send me the dream and well-being in a relationship with my daughter. But the question of faith for me is still open. In General, at all stages of recovery helps me a lot Nikita Lushnikov, the President providianonline anti-drug Union. We can say that he is my spiritual mentor. Regularly visits, explains what might encounter, and takes an active part in my life in the same way as Andrey Malakhov.

You talk to Pauline on the phone?
Дана Борисова: «Дочь не хочет со мной общаться»I talked to her only twice. At the beginning of the rehabilitation I had a spiritual strength to it, and now… the Daughter communicates very cold and memorized, other people’s sentences – it is felt that Papa and grandma good with her job. My question is: “when will I see you?” Polina says: “Well, I don’t know actually, I want to see you or not.” To hear that very hard. I do not disavow responsibility. On April 18, Polina lives with his dad. She offered him that option.

“I hated myself”

Дана Борисова: «Дочь не хочет со мной общаться»
You used to say that he did not participate in the upbringing of daughters…
Дана Борисова: «Дочь не хочет со мной общаться»Yes. The first four years did not appear, and now was overcome with fatherly feelings. I am grateful to Maxim for the fact that he is with our daughter. But still behaves dishonestly. Said that the monthly pay child support for 80 thousand rubles, despite the fact that there was not a penny. Now the court is preparing a paper which will indicate that his annual income составляет21 thousand rubles, and this man owns a house in Spain… Maxim hostile. The last time I wrote, asumes that the daughter doesn’t want to talk to me.
Дана Борисова: «Дочь не хочет со мной общаться»
And what of the court?
Дана Борисова: «Дочь не хочет со мной общаться»Maxim filed a lawsuit on determining the place of residence of Pauline for the duration of my rehabilitation. I agree that she was with daddy, until I am treated, but on his return to Moscow want to take it. Now our lawyers discuss details of a possible settlement agreement, but I don’t know. Mom hastily said by telephone.—
By the way, Ekaterina Ivanovna up yet?
Дана Борисова: «Дочь не хочет со мной общаться»I have one problem in dealing with loved ones. Many of us have lost family to drugs. For example, I hated myself and suffered from low self-esteem, which were raised at the expense of consumption. Mom and I had a disgusting relationship. Thought that I would never even have to talk, but all is said and done. Now she has temporarily moved to Moscow, look after my apartment. Sometimes not enough and sometimes even call don’t want. Polina, by the way, grandma does not communicate. Maxim does not.—
When are you coming back?
Дана Борисова: «Дочь не хочет со мной общаться»In General, it’s hard to say. I’m still working on myself, learning humility and patience. By the way, I now last long enough. Sooner would have someone whipped a notebook and would lie, denying addiction, and now not – learned to overcome the negativity. By the way, in mid-August on Samui will open my rehabilitation center where drug treatment will arrive the stars. Many of them need help.—
The center will be a secret?
They are all anonymous, not anonymous and already feel like I will forever be the mark of an addict. But, having cured itself, I want to help others. To live in sobriety and clarity of mind much better.