Беременная Светлана Светикова зажигает в бассейне The actress went to Sochi. On the coast of the Black sea, Svetlana Svetikova met Irina Ortman, which participated in the project “Factory of stars”. Friend had a great time together.
Беременная Светлана Светикова зажигает в бассейне

Participant of the third season of the popular project “star Factory” Svetlana Svetikova is preparing to become a mother for the second time. Apparently, the singer is trying to do everything to the expectation of the child for her was the best period in life. Svetlana left rainy Moscow and went to Sochi. She enjoys the warm weather and sun.

The company the actress, who is seven months pregnant, was the son of Milan. On vacation artist met his friend and colleague at the “star Factory” Irina Ortman. The girls had a great time together and was pleased that the black sea coast gave them the opportunity to see.

“Oh heavens! So it’s Irina Ortman. Cool to meet friends here so suddenly,” wrote Svetlana in the microblog.

Irina is also published in the social network touching the frame. She noted that motherhood with her friend. “There is no more beautiful state for a woman than pregnancy! Honey, you are so talented, beautiful and incredibly deep! Proud of you! PS by the Way, you already became a good tradition to make such a photo!” – wrote Irina in the social network.

In 2013, the actress gave birth to the first heir. Svetlana loves the child and tries to do everything for the son to grow up happy.

“Moms on the playgrounds very surprised at our age and size. Elaniku 3,7, and looks no older than two years. Sometimes you look at me with pity, that you and medical myths About the development and so on. All the time! I’ve held my tongue up to three years and six looked at the four. Oh, what my mother had to endure at the time. By the way, Milanic learned to count to 20 before he began to speak,” said the artist.

For the family it has become less time to work on the stage. Apparently, the artist no regrets about the decision. With the civil husband, figure skater-acrobat Alexey Polishchuk, Svetlana did, but the lovers do not hurry to formalize the relationship in the registry office.

In an interview Svetikova admitted that she and her husband dream of the four heirs. She was even upset about the fact that it is not met Alex before, because this is the man she wanted to see the father of their children.