Died the widow of Vladimir Zeldin

Скончалась вдова Владимира Зельдина The woman died on 82-m to year of life. She could not long survive after the death of a spouse. At the end of October last year did not become Vladimir Zeldin, and in three months gone, and his beloved woman. On the death of the family of the artist learned from assistant Selding.

      Скончалась вдова Владимира Зельдина

      Vladimir and Yvette Soldini had been married for 52 years. They married in 1964 and had never been separated. Last fall, the oldest actor of the country did not.

      The day left the legend: the rules of life of Vladimir Zeldin

      Скончалась вдова Владимира Зельдина

      On the death of the widow Zeldin has been announced today. In the social network appeared the famous couple, under which is written words of farewell. “StarHit” reported that between relatives has always been a warm and trusting relationship, it is good to Yvette the E. and tried to support her after the death of Zeldin. It also became known that a large farewell the family of the deceased does not plan to. They are going to honor the memory of Yvette saldini in the humble family circle. “StarHit” found that the basic questions of the funeral will be the brother of Yvette evgenyavna.

      Скончалась вдова Владимира Зельдина

      Obviously, the relatives of the family are hard to relive this event, because many have not had time to move away from the death of the actor, as it became known about the death of his beloved wife. The exact cause of death is not yet known, however, the “StarHit” managed to find out that death could cut off the blood clot in the head Yvette evgenyavna.

      Relatives of a woman learned about her death from the assistant, who for many years had a wife Zeldin support. In the last minutes of life of the widow of the artist she was there for her.