Is there life after the “Factory”?

Есть ли жизнь после «Фабрики»? My investigation of how a change in the most modest, in terms of appearances on television, graduates of the mega project. 15 years ago on “the First channel” has started a reality show “star Factory”, seven seasons of which gave all of us so many bright emotions that I remember today.

      Есть ли жизнь после «Фабрики»?

      And the number of stars lighted on the “Factory”,enough for the whole sky. Today I want to show tehuipango who very rarely gives interviews and almost never appears on television.

      Charismatic Pavel Artemyev since the first “Factory” has not changed. Today he works in the theater “Practice”, writes music, and – attention, ladies! Pasha is not yet married.

      The participants who dropped from sight: how was their fate

      Remembered by many Michael Grebenshchikov teaches voice at the school of Alla Pugacheva. Misha is still great moves and can arrange such “Dances-obnimancy”!

      Есть ли жизнь после «Фабрики»?

      Beauty Katya Shemyakina, got to the first “FL” today the visible face on the Internet. View her #blogmate, see for yourself.

      Есть ли жизнь после «Фабрики»?Because of the current work in Nightclubs a graduate of the third “FZ” Nikita Malinin calls himself not “Kitten”, and the night cat. He is going to speak, and for the first time, in a concert with his famous father.
      Есть ли жизнь после «Фабрики»?

      Constantine Dudoladov has become a popular designer, launched his collection of clothing and in the world of show business in great demand.

      Есть ли жизнь после «Фабрики»?

      Elena kukarskogo even more prettier and lost weight. Her call to the jury of the beauty contests. And yet she’s a great mom and wife.

      Есть ли жизнь после «Фабрики»?

      Darya klyuchnikova became an actress of the Theater na Strastnom. And she is amazingly loyal and strong man who cares about Tselovalnik husband.

      And in January 2017 they can brilliantly answer the question: “is There life after the “Factory”? There! And they are wonderful!

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