Александр Васильев впервые показал свою дочь Fashion historian confessed in a difficult relationship with children. Martha Milovidova came to the program “the Secret to a million” to support his godfather, whom she is very proud of. The girl said that she, unlike stars, Alexander Vassiliev never criticizes.

      Александр Васильев впервые показал свою дочь

      Historian of fashion, theater artist and TV presenter Alexander Vasiliev has been a guest on the next edition of the program of NTV “the Secret to a million”, where he revealed some details of his personal life, which tries to keep secret from the fans. Alexander Vasilyev contraband smuggled Antiques

      In particular, Alexander Vasilyev told the program presenter Lera Kudryavtseva on his three daughters who are kristinae 58-year-old TV presenter. However, the cordial relationship and constant communication Vasiliev supports only one of them is Martha Milovidova. Godfather girl became Maestro at the request of her mother, classmate and longtime friend of Alexander Vasiliev. The girl came to the program to support his godfather.

      “I tell everyone that Alexander Vasilyev is my godfather, because it is very proud of him, said Martha. – He is an incredible man, he is my motivator in life. Alexander often give fashionable clothes. I have three brothers, and growing up, I often imitated, wore pants, and godfather taught me how to dress feminine”.

      She also added that Alexander Vassiliev made her dream come true, giving, on the 16th anniversary charming dog of the Beagle breed. By the way, fashion historian never criticizes his daughter for the appearance, on the contrary, he believes Martha perfection and admires her beauty. Alexander Vasilev does not exclude that the part of his multimillion-dollar state can get his beloved God-daughter.

      However, the fashion historian has not lost hope that he will still be your children. “It is possible that it would all work out, pointedly said Vasilyev. – What are our years!” However, he admitted that in the future sees himself only in the company of her beloved pug.

      “Remember the actor Vladimir Zeldin, who died at the age of 101 years. He had no children, but he lived a great life. The story of the glass of water for me is not convincing. Children – not always those who we need in old age,” announced his position Alexander Vassiliev.

      However, there is every reason to believe that the fashion historian did become a father. Alexander Vasilyev refused to answer the last question of the program “million dollar Secret”, which dealt with his illegitimate child. “You all will learn from my memories, not everything can be said publicly,” pointedly said mater at the end of the transmission.