Скончалась звезда  «Звёздных войн»

84 year of life died British actor Kenny Baker, who played astromechanics droid R2-D2 in “Star wars”.
As informs edition The Guardian, the actor died after a long illness. The last time his lung disease was so progressed that he could not move independently.

Kenny was born in 1934 in Birmingham, and on the screen appeared in 1960, playing a cameo role in the film. World fame to the artist came in 1977, after he appeared in the film by George Lucas “Star wars. Episode IV: a New hope”. Baker played in seven original films, appearing on screen in the layout of the robot R2-D2. With a height of 112 cm, it is perfectly placed in the Studio props.
Later, Kenny can be seen in the Milos Forman movie “Amadeus” and “the elephant Man” by David Lynch.
Baker was married to Eileen Baker, also a midget. In marriage they had two children, which is a genetic disease is not transferred.

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