Холли Берри отметила юбилей откровенным снимком

A month ago, “cat woman” of Hollywood, Halle berry celebrated its 50th anniversary. Looking at this star, it’s hard to believe that she actually exchanged sixth decade. The other day Holly decided to prove that age for her is just numbers, which she prefers not to draw attention.

Today berry on his page on Instagram published a candid shot where she is shown completely naked.

“Meet 50th birthday with open arms. I’m so happy to be here!” signed photo of Holly dressed only in a sheer lace robe.

Fans of the actress responded by throwing her congratulations and encouraging comments.

By the way, now Holly’s got a reason for joy. In early summer, the paparazzi caught the star with the new boyfriend, whose identity the reporters could not be established. A couple holding hands, walked out of the restaurant, then left in an unknown direction. Their mood was upbeat.

Recall that Holly has two children. Nala’s daughter Holly gave birth to in a relationship with male model Gabriel Aubrey. After separating from model, actress met Olivier Martinez, whom she married in 2013 – just a couple of months before the birth of their son, Maceo. The cause of the breakup of Halle and Olivier consider the temper of the actor who attacks the paparazzi, employees of airports and just curious, trying to take a picture of Olivier or his family. Martinez believed that just by doing what in his place would have done every – protects your dwelling, berry believes that he needs the help of experts.

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