Died the actor of the series “Closed school”

Скончался актер сериала «Закрытая школа» Yuri Kindrat passed away after a sudden illness. The actor, who starred in popular television series such as “Closed school”, “Sleeping”, “Hotel “Rossiya”, has died in Moscow at the 33rd year of life.
Скончался актер сериала «Закрытая школа»

Yuri Kindrat died after an illness. He was 33 years old. On 28 April, the actor has published in his Instagram a photo of the hospital hallway with a short caption: “the upward Movement. To new heights”. Friends wished him a speedy recovery. And on the morning of 9 may, his wife, actress Xenia Skorokhodova announced on his page in the social Network that Yuri Kindrat died. It turned out that Yuri was hospitalized with a diagnosis of “double pneumonia”, this was told by his cousin.

“Our family is in urgent need of help. My son was hospitalized with bilateral pneumonia, the CT scan showed a systematic deformation of lungs, doctors at 51 hospital can’t understand what’s wrong with him specifically, say, for the first time faced the such, plus up to 3 doctors over the weekend. In General, we panic, because there is not a specific diagnosis, then there is no effective treatment. Jure hard to breathe and move. We want to find a good pulmonologist, it is possible to transfer Yuri to another hospital. If anyone has any connections and recommendations will be very grateful,” wrote sister-in-law of the actor.

May 8, wife of the actor said that the jury entered into an artificial coma that the body was easier to fight the disease. “At the moment, our Yura is in serious condition in intensive care. He does not communicate, because now he was put into an artificial coma that the body was easier to fight, so he wasn’t worried. Unfortunately I have not the strength to answer them all. Cute, please think about Yuri a lot now-a lot! Send him love and light, talk to him! Now it is very necessary,” wrote the wife of actor.

Alas, nor prayers of friends, nor the doctors ‘ efforts failed to save the life of a young actor. Goodbye Mr. Kindrat was held may 12 at the Church of the mother of God, buried the actor in Perepechenko cemetery.

Yuri Kindrat graduated from New York Universal Artistik School in 2010, and the acting and directing course Herman Sidakova in 2015, played in the theater “School of dramatic art” and “Theatre in the southwest”. The future actor was born in Tyumen, professionally played football, became a candidate master of sports. After studying in America, returning to Russia, accidentally got into theater, and then in the movie. “I am professionally engaged in football, a friend of mine actor invited me to a reading of to wait for him. One of the actors was running late, and asked me to read, I read and I was invited to play. I was immediately approved for the role in the play “the Eldest son”, – told a jury in a promotional video for the Agency “Star rain”. Then followed a small but noticeable role in the movie. Yuri wanted to star in the historical film, but alas, it never came true.

Outstanding works of Yuri became the TV series “Closed school”, “Hotel “Russia” and many others. The actor left a daughter Eva, which in July will be 5 years.