The star of “House-2” Alexander Gosias revealed the truth about the relationship with the ex-spouse

Звезда «Дома-2» Александра Гозиас раскрыла правду об отношениях с экс-супругом The young woman continues to see Ilya Krotovym, with whom she broke up a few years ago. Alexander Gesias talked about the fact that they managed to overcome all contradictions and to begin again to communicate for my daughter.
Звезда «Дома-2» Александра Гозиас раскрыла правду об отношениях с экс-супругом

Ex-participant reality show “House-2” Alexander Gosias daughter Sofia. It so happened that a young woman broke up with the girl’s father Ilya Krotovym. Ex-husband of Alexandra was ready to fight for it, so he came to the telestroke in may 2015. Krotkov told that cannot name the exact reason of divorce. According to Elias, Alexander something did not suit, so she decided to end the marriage. The man didn’t rule out that mistakes were made, creating a family with Goias.

Fans of Alexandra continue to be interested in her personal life after leaving the “House-2”. They often asked the reality star about her relationship with former lovers. Recently Gosias decided to respond to subscribers on how is her communication with her ex-husband. According to Alexander, they were able to compromise and forgive each other. Gosias Krotkov together and participate in the education of their child.

“A lot of questions about whether we are dealing with Elijah and what our relationship is. Guys, we are having Mexican passion as the adults sat down and figured it out. We have a beautiful child who we love very much. And she loves dad and mom. For the sake of it, we found the strength to forgive and accept each other. Our relationship as parents, nothing more. Our lives diverged long ago. Ilya well and I also. Well, now, I hope, will end the questions,” shared a young woman.

Followers Gosias glad for it. According to them, the former couple did the right thing, to resolve all disputes arising between the contradictions. Social media users also wanted Alexander to be happy.

With ex-lover Konstantin Ivanov from Gosias not so perfect relationship. The young people then argue, then agree again. In December, they even came to the Studio of “really” to find out the truth about each other. According to Alexander, the man cheated on her. Gosias called the other woman the flamboyant singer Natalia Shturm. The singer of the hit “high School romance” did not deny that she enjoyed Ivanov.

In turn, Konstantin said that he had entered into an intimate relationship with Natalia, and Alexander was accused of infidelity. “Her life is the clubs, parties gifts. I am sure that when she left me, she had men,” – said Ivanov. Gosias confirmed the speculation ex-lover. According to the reality star, Constantine was mocked by her daughter Sophie, scaring the child by the police.