Died “godfather” of Alla Pugacheva Pavel Slobodkin

Скончался «крестный отец» Аллы Пугачевой Павел Слободкин The famous composer, who founded the group “Jolly fellows”, died on 73-m to year of life. It is the Paul Y. once saw talent in the young singer Alla Pugacheva and contributed to its triumph in the contest “Golden Orpheus” in 1975.
Скончался «крестный отец» Аллы Пугачевой Павел Слободкин

Journalists reported that on 73-m to year of life has died the national actor of Russia, the founder of the ENSEMBLE “Jolly fellows” Pavel Slobodkin. According to correspondents recent years, worker culture has struggled with cancer.

Slobodkin died in his Moscow apartment. Wife of Paul Yakovlevich Lolita Kravtsov called the ambulance, arrived at the scene but medical professionals were unable to save the musician.

Numerous friends of the wife of composer Express her condolences on social networks. “It’s hard to accept the news,” “Kingdom of heaven”, “Impossible to believe”, “Feel your grief”, “a Great loss”, “No words”, “I can’t believe it”, “About Pavel Yakovlevich impossible to speak in the past tense. You are always with us, in our hearts and memory”, “I’m sorry. Be strong Shock. Pain. Bright and sincere memory bright person” — write on the page Kravtsova on Facebook.

Скончался «крестный отец» Аллы Пугачевой Павел Слободкин

Social media users remember Pavel Yakovlevich and thank you for the years that he devoted to creative activity. Many speak of Slobodkin as a wonderful human being and professional.

“Paul died Slobodkin… knew him since 1965, crossed infrequently, but friendly… Personality — unlike the current “producers”. Knew how to organize, arrange and trim… one size fits all — everyone who passed through his “Jolly fellows”. The last of the vocal-instrumental Mohicans is gone… Rest in peace, Pasha!” — written by the researcher Yaroslav Kesler in one of social networks.

Musician Alexander Levshin called Pavel Slobodkin “a legendary man”. “As a young musician, he was accompanied by the great Mark Bernes! Later, he created one of the most successful vocal-instrumental groups — “Cheerful children”! In inviting me to your team, and, of course, many years linked one topic, and we often discussed — is the theme of Alla Pugacheva! After arranging and producing the song “Arlekino” — a Paul Y. Slobodkin! Eternal memory”, — says the man on his page on “Facebook”.

We will remind that Pavel Slobodkin was born may 9, 1945 in Moscow. In March 1966 the man created the ensemble “Jolly fellows”. Eight years later, the composer and producer invited him to the young singer Alla Pugacheva. After a year the budding performer took the Grand Prix at the international song contest “Golden Orpheus” with the song “Arlekino”. After that, the actress woke up famous throughout the Soviet Union.

“Pugachev came in the “Jolly fellows” is a simple singer with the prospect of solo performances. She worked with us in the first compartment — as if to say not to be sorry for “warming up”, what? But then she stood out for their craft. She has a very accurate ear, and she could have parodied Peha, Zykina, to sing a Russian song, like a real folk singer” — the words of the composer’s lead in the book “Alla Pugacheva: Born in the USSR”.

According to some, on tour from 1974 to 1976, the famous singer and Pavel Slobodkin lived in one room. Musicians attributed to a whirlwind romance, which, however, was fleeting. After some time after the triumph of “harlequin” future Diva left VIA “Jolly fellows” and became a soloist of the symphonic orchestra of Armenia under the baton of Constantine Orbelian. However, Alla Borisovna long worked on a new place — in December 1976, she decides to concentrate on his solo career.

Pavel Slobodkin referred to as the “godfather” of the prima Donna, because thanks to him she took the first steps in the world of music. The sad news of the death of composer and producer TASS has confirmed the poet’s Love Vyrypaev. According to her, the funeral of the composer will be held on August 10.