Numerologist: “Stas Sadalsky should think about retirement”

Нумеролог: «Стасу Садальскому стоит задуматься о завершении карьеры» Clara Kuzenbaeva made a prediction for the future of the actor. Today, August 8, Stanislav Sadalsky celebrated 66 years. According to experts, in three years the artist will have to leave the theater. Besides, celebrities should protect health.
Нумеролог: «Стасу Садальскому стоит задуматься о завершении карьеры»

Today, August 8, Stanislav Sadalsky celebrated 66 years. The actor plays in the Central house of culture of railwaymen, goes on tour, but in the movies is not removed for four years. But the star actively maintains a blog, which often reveals the secrets of colleagues, which they often are in conflict with it. Sadalsky lives alone. He has 42-year-old daughter, Perio from the marriage with a citizen of Finland, a man is still not divorced. The heir to the artist speaks, saw her only twice.

Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied the date of birth of the Stas and made a prediction on his future. “Life code Sadalsky 325 167 says that he was born in “Day of the musician” role, his family was destined to be an actor, says Clara. – He is a talented, well-loved and has the gift of foresight, able to predict the future.

Surrounding Stas forgive his antics, not offended by what he writes in his blog because he is lucky and charming man, it is impossible to be angry. It belongs to the category bringing the luck of the people. He’s a man-charm, friendship, and communion with him are able to turn for financial benefit”.

Clara noted that Sadalsky likes discuss friends and give them characteristics. However, the man always honest and straightforward with others. According to Kuzenbaeva to live with Stanislav very difficult.

“He can’t hide the feelings, time to shut up or to speak tactfully, instead of witty. Besides, Stas vindictive, so that the relationship it is better not to spoil – in every meeting he will try to stab him objectionable person”, – said the expert.

As suggested Kuzenbaeva soon waiting for Sadalsky role in the success of the picture or will he be the presenter. “Most importantly, he should not doubt himself and then his career will go uphill. Despite the fact that Stas is not timid, I advise him to behave more courageously and, most importantly, to anyone never to make excuses. If his motto in life will be the phrase “You’re all I need”, he will have good luck and success,” said Clara.

Numerologist suggests that in 69 years Sadalsky should retire.

“He has a weak pancreas, it is necessary to follow the diet. But overall in the next three years, health will not be disturbed,” he told Clara.