Died brother Yevgeny Leonov

Скончался брат Евгения Леонова A relative of the actor has died on 93-m to year of life. Until the last day he complained of health problems. Friends of the actor heartbroken and accept condolences. Date and place of farewell to the man will be known later.

      Скончался брат Евгения Леонова

      Nikolay Pavlovich Leonov, brother of the famous actor died at the age of 92 years. The death of an elderly man occurred on Tuesday, January 10. Nicholas, as it became known “StarHit”, quietly died in his own house. Loved ones say he did not complain about health problems till the last day kept folding it. Leonov’s relatives accepted condolences.

      Brother, people’s artist of the USSR Nikolai Leonov worked as an aircraft designer and he worked for many years in Topolevska Bureau. Nicholas was older than the famous actor for two years. In one interview, the man said that he and his brother were never similar to each other: the next movie star growing up his mom, and he was considered a copy of the father.

      Childhood Leonovich was held in a Large house on Vasilevsky street, near the cinema House. Nicholas has always stood up for his brother. Even then, Eugene began to show artistic abilities, however, this at first did not attach any importance.

      When the war started, the whole family of the future stars of the cinema he worked at an aircraft factory. The sons of Pavel Leonov wanted to follow in his footsteps and become aircraft designers.

      That all changed when Eugene went to the drama Studio at the Bolshoi theatre, which was directed by Andrei Goncharov in the future head the Mayakovsky Theater. Relatives normally about choosing the young artist and did not prevent him from engaging with art.

      In his interview, Nicholas admitted that he had a difficult attitude to comedies with participation of the brother. When Eugene was alive, he tried not to watch these movies. In the opinion of the aircraft, the on-screen characters, people’s artist of the USSR did not like it. Nicholas thought of a relative kind person who was always ready to shelter homeless animals. Using this, a tossed him Pets. In addition, Yevgeny Leonov was crazy about his family and did everything for the people.

      The last meeting of Nicholas with the famous actor took place two days before his death. In late January 1994, the brothers walked around Moscow. Then Eugene several times complained to Nicholas that is choking. Soon the famous actor died because of a blood clot separation. The movie star was buried at the Novodevichy cemetery.