Особняк Джуны подвергся рейдерскому захвату According to some, unknown broke into the house where the apartment is located healer. Until the police finds out circumstances of the incident. In the former rooms of the June still preserved collection of paintings and its rare items. Valery Kamshilov said “StarHit” how it all happened.

      Особняк Джуны подвергся рейдерскому захвату

      The four-storey mansion, Juneau, located in Nikolopeskovsky pereulok in Central Moscow, entered the unknown. The incident occurred this morning. So far no data on whether the stolen rare items, no. The acting President of the Academy of juna Valery Kamshilov said “StarHit” how it all happened. According to a friend juna, it was a raider capture.

      “Academy of alternative Sciences, which all want to be evicted to the street, located at Arbat, 28. At the Bolshoi Nikolopeskovsky registered Fund, where he got people. The special unit of the police on duty there for six months. The place was the security guard, but he could not prevent, when 15 people rushed into the building. He was simply thrown into the street,” the man explained.

      Recall that some months there is a real war for the building in which the apartment is located Junes. Thanks to the efforts of Valery Vasilyevich, after the death of the healer in 2015 there was a Museum. “But the legal status we have not received. Her room closed. Yes, there is not the fight – one Kostochka, a wardrobe and a Desk,” said Kamilov.

      The acting President of the Academy of Alternative Sciences argues that a raider seizure may be related to the fact that for a long time, did not pay the rent.

      Unknown daughter healer juna: “I ran after her and shouted: “Mommy, come back!”

      “Cut down the bars on the Windows and so climbed inside. Still go back and forth people. Until there is a trial in bankruptcy court, we occupy the mansion. But I’m willing to voluntarily transfer to the city of Moscow the whole fourth floor with the property. If June saw what is now going on, she would turn over in his grave. After all, Arbat street is very expensive for every square meter. The fourth floor is estimated at $ 4 million. I would love to organized a Museum dedicated to Soviet times”, – said Kamshilov in an interview with “StarHit”.

      According to Valery Vasilyevich, he had to cancel the operation and leave the scene. He says it is hard to say if there’s a missing something. “Maybe something took. There’s also rewards juna, paintings, her personal things,” shared Kamshilov.

      Recall, the healer died in the summer of 2015 and left behind an impressive legacy, which was the subject of numerous disputes.