Died actor Victor Smirnov

Скончался актер Виктор Смирнов The sad information of the death of the famous artist appeared on the website of the Alexandrinsky theatre. Representatives of the star said that he has long struggled with a serious illness. Just a week ago, the elderly man turned 72 years old.
Скончался актер Виктор Смирнов

Sad news about the death of Victor Smirnov upset his many fans. According to media reports, the actor died in St. Petersburg on 12 Aug. A few days before the movie star celebrated the birthday in a circle of close friends and relatives.

While the cause of death was not disclosed but it is known that the honoured artist of the Russian Federation for several years struggled with severe illness. Representatives of the actor have not yet named the date of the official farewell and funeral. Fans were quick to Express condolences to the relatives of Viktor Yanukovych. “A great actor, I liked him in many movies, Always sorry when they leave real talent”, commented the news fans Smirnov.

Friends of the actor have not yet make any statements. But colleagues of Viktor Yanukovych on the scene were quick to Express condolences. On the website of the Alexandrinsky theatre there was a message.

“Alexandrine mourn the demise and offer my condolences to the family and friends of Victor Fedorovich Smirnov”, – shared his emotions fellow artists.
Скончался актер Виктор Смирнов

Victor Smirnov has played more than 70 roles in films. Most viewers remembered his transformation in the series “Gangster Petersburg”, “Master and Margarita”, “Elimination” and many others. Actor easy thing and could show a variety of images. It is such a creative diversity of the audience and adored artist.

In the last years of his life Victor B. paid attention to the development of theatrical career. He often appeared on stage, delighting fans of the bright and powerful role of acting energy.

“For several years Viktor Yanukovych struggled with serious illness, but his creative life until the last day was a full-blooded. The artist remained faithful to the service of the theatre and was indispensable in many leading plays, his new role was the events of the theatrical life of the Russian stage,” – said in a statement.

On the website of the Alexandrinsky theatre say that later will be information about the date and place of burial of the famous Russian actor.