Nikolay Baskov gave hot dances with curvaceous brunette

Николай Басков устроил жаркие танцы с фигуристой брюнеткой The artist does not hesitate to shock the audience. Recently, the Network appeared the video in which the actor ignites with a young singer named Anna. Couple had fun on the first official concert of the group under the leadership of Natasha Koroleva.

A few months ago, Natasha Koroleva told that he was preparing to present a new music project. The star once confessed that he would not perform on stage, and will be engaged in organization of concerts. The group Queen with the provocative title “Popband” staged the first show. In addition to the members of the band on stage ignited and Nikolai Baskov. The actor danced with soloist Anna.

“It was enchanting. From dirty dancing, but still with Nikolai Baskov. Our Ana so wound up that shook the ass from the soul, and under the General rejoicing of the hall made a wish and blew out the candles on your birthday cake,” said the Queen.

Nikolay Baskov participated in debut concert of the band as a guest. Appeared in the video and the Queen herself, who danced in the audience with her catchy tracks.

Not all subscribers Natalia on Instagram were delighted from such frankness. Some decided that the video is too provocative, and it should not be shown to a wider audience. “All modern pop music is tied to the demonstration of sexuality”. “The girl is spectacular, but that’s no reason to behave on stage”, “Anna looks too vulgar”, – shared his opinion of the fans of Queen.

Previously, Natalia admitted that he considers the song “Popband” topical and relevant. In addition, the actress appreciated the artistic talent of each member of the team, predicting for him a great success. She had been preparing for the presentation of the new project and is now extremely happy with the result.

“This is a very young and talented guys. I am very pleased when they realize their potential and create something, invent, and invent! They do not sit on the Priest exactly, and try to find their place and their audience,” emphasizes the artist.

Despite the fact that some members did not appreciate the hot dance singer with a charming brunette is, most fans of the Queen come to the conclusion that her new project will be a runaway success. According to fans, Natalia, and she could take the place of the soloist, because she’s charismatic and sexy.