Погиб актер из «Звездного пути» Антон Ельчин

American actor of Russian origin died at the age of 27 years as a result of a strange accident.

When Sunday, June 19, Anton did not show for a scheduled appointment, his friends got worried and went to his home in the town of Studio city, California. According to the website TMZ, Anton’s body was discovered sandwiched between his SUV and a brick mailbox installed near the gate. The road to his house goes downhill – apparently, leaving the house, he passed the gate, then got out of the car, not putting it on the hand brake, the car rolled down and pinned his master to the gate. Police are investigating the incident.

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Anton became famous because of the role of the pilot of the starship “enterprise” Pavel Chekov in “Star trek” and “StarTrek: Retribution. He also starred in the films “alpha Dog”, “new York, I love you”, “beaver”, “only lovers left alive,” “Terminator: Yes come Savior”. In July of this year on the screen comes the next sequel of “Star trek” with his participation – “star trek: Infinity.

Anton’s parents, Victor Yelchin and Irina Korina, professional skaters in pair skating, left the Soviet Union in September 1989, when Anton was six months. The first appearance on screen happened in the TV series “er” in 2000.

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