Прохор Шаляпин отказался быть крестным отцом сына Анны Калашниковой

Eighteen months after the beginning of the novel with Anna Kalashnikova Prokhor Chaliapin was ready to marry her. The singer wanted to marry not only the woman but also the mother of his child – son Daniel.

A few weeks before the wedding ceremony Anna and Prokhorov decide and to do what in the end prevented them from perfect Union – a DNA test for paternity. The Studio program “Let them talk” it became clear that the small Dan is not the son of Chaliapin.

At the same time, it became clear that the “Wedding of the year” will not take place. It would seem that the end of the story already laid, however, Kalashnikov was believed that Prokhorov could still change her mind and from the great love of his family back. But much to her surprise and disappointment, did not happen. Commenting on Prokhorov said only that he the soul become attached to the boy, whom he considered a son, and even willing to take it on education. The singer said he was ready to adopt a baby when they have no one to do. But, it seems, to participate in the life of a boy u still not going to. It became known that the actor refused to be a godfather Tribute.

“I sincerely wished that he had taken part in the baby’s life, but apparently not yet. I asked Andrei Kovalev (the soloist of group “the pilgrim”) and Inna Zhirkov(the winner of the title “Mrs. Russia — 2012”) to become spiritual parents Tribute“—said Kalashnikov

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