Елена Ваенга определилась с будущим своего сына
The singer shared his dream with the fans.

Elena Vaenga

Photo: @vaengaofficial Instagram of Elena Vaenga

Personal life of Elena Vaenga
— the secret behind seven seals. She doesn’t like to say nothing about the relationship with
her lover, nor of his son, Ivan. But the singer still
shared some details about the boy. It turns out that Elena has already chosen
my three year old son’s future profession. She told about it to your subscribers
his microblog.

“For me, the dream to
the son was a doctor. The most difficult profession, the great and terrible. Doctors, teachers, and
priests are always criticized, but just that once.” — wrote Vaenga.

According to Elena, for her
the representatives of the professions are celestials. Teachers,
of view of the singer, to help make a living, doctors protect the health and
the priests save a soul. Interestingly, it would seem quite innocent dream
Elena caused a lot of negativity from her fans. Members tearfully persuade
the pop star not to make forced son to do so sometimes
ungrateful, in the opinion of the fans. In the comments, many fans,
among which there were medical staff desperately tried to dissuade Elena from
her ideas. However, there were those who supported Vaenga.

By the way, some
time ago, the singer became an avid gorodnitsa. In its suburban area
four greenhouse for vegetables and a separate patch of potatoes.
The last way, she ensures her entire family.

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