Diane Kruger meets up with the star of “the Walking dead” Norman Reedus

Диана Крюгер встречается со звездой «Ходячих мертвецов» Норманом Ридусом

While Joshua Jackson just trying to figure out how to move on after breaking up with Diane Kruger. Recall that the actor not so long ago complained that he doesn’t remember how to date again. His ex-girlfriend, who was with him 10 years seem to have found a replacement for him.

Kruger has his eye on the star of the TV series “the Walking dead” Norman Reedus.

At least sure of that secular observers, who saw the couple on a personal photo exhibition of the actor.

Diana came to the event to support his friend and colleague Norman, but between the couple clearly saw something more than just friendship.

Recall that between the Kruger and Reedus, I ran for another in 2015 on the set of the drama “Heaven.” When the actors were picture at the Toronto film festival, journalists drew attention to the fact that they have a special look at each other.

By the way, even before the release of the film Diana and Norman attended a party in Tuscany, a few weeks later, the actress announced the breakup with Jackson. Coincidence? We don’t think so…