Pictures of Michael Schumacher in a hospital bed worth 1 million euros

Фотографии Михаэля Шумахера на больничной койке стоят 1 миллион евро

Michael Schumacher is in serious condition for three years. In December 2013, the famous racing driver was seriously injured in a fall while skiing. Michael received a traumatic brain injury that divided his life into “before” and “after”.

During these three years, seven Schumacher rarely talked to the press about his health. Seven-time champion “Formula 1” is hidden from prying eyes. Even the paparazzi couldn’t get pictures of Michael in a hospital bed.

But soon the situation may change. Unknown ready to give the press photos of the patient Schumacher. However, do it in unknown if they will pay 1 million euros.

In the Prosecutor’s office confirmed that on this fact being tested.

“The health of Michael is not public, so we are not going to make any comments. We have to protect his private life”, – commented on the incident, the Manager Schumacher Sabina Whom.