Diana Pozharskoe arranged a date at the ice rink

Диане Пожарской устроили свидание на катке
The actress was left in awe of interesting.

Diana Pozharskaya and Egor Koreshkov

Photo: Press service

The star of the film “Kiss!” and the TV series “the Eighties” Egor Koreshkov invited Diana Pozharsky to the rink. However, a romantic date happened on the filming of the third season of the show STS the “Hotel Eleon”. In the story a mysterious stranger, Peter, played by Egor Koreshkov wants to win the employee of a boutique hotel “Eleon” Dasha Kanaeva (Diana Pozharskaya). In one episode Peter, thinking to surprise his beloved, decides to arrange for Daria unusual rendezvous. Peter finds ideal in a Sunny summer day, he invites a girl to the rink. The actors still remember the day on the ice, with great pleasure, especially since Diana and Egor confidently stand on skates.

We will remind, the hero Egor appears in the third season of beloved series. Viewers will see the actor in a completely new, unexpected way that changed it beyond recognition.

The writers have also prepared other surprises and unexpected plot twists. So, for the psychological climate in the team hotel again meets coach Vadim – the ex-husband of the management of Sofia (Ekaterina Vilkova), played by actor Ilya Lyubimov (in the life of the husband Ekaterina Vilkova). In the new series, Vadym will try to return the former spouse, even if it means to expose all her Boyfriends, including Michael Jakovich (Gregory siyatvinda).

“In General, my return to the project it is expected: previously announced were character, and then Catherine – the husband and wife, why not to use — said Lyubimov. — In addition, we feel each other in the frame, and on set I have an extra reason to admire a beautiful woman. As for my on-screen opponent, Gregory of siatwinda – the partner with whom you can easily achieve superior results.”

The third season will appear not only new characters, but Pets fans “Kitchen”. The audience is waiting for the long awaited return of the Fedi chef is a specialist who knows how to expertly prepare the fish and to write sea stories. Best friend not just a Canopy arranged to work in Victor, but will turn over in the restaurant, everything on the head.