Андрей Гайдулян с женой отправился в свадебное путешествие
The actor will show his beloved America.

Andrew Hagolan with his wife Diana

Photo: Instagram

Actor of a popular sitcom
“I”, my wife and I went to America. Using a leave after filming the new season of the series, Andrew Hagolan decided to show his wife Diana this country. For the trip Andrew had prepared
in advance, plan the route that best acquaint his wife with
local flavor: new York, Boston road trip to California
Texas and more.

In addition, the actor
set a goal — to tighten spoken English, and this should be possible
to take in the sights. The actor admitted that he even thought to get
a bartender at one of the institutions to quickly and effectively penetrate the local
color. But in the end, to get behind the counter Hagolan decided not to.

“It’s a journey
can be called the wedding, because after the wedding my wife anywhere
did not go, — said Andrey. I already
was in the US, I loved this country, wanted to introduce her to Diana.
In addition, every actor wants to try his hand in Hollywood. I had
a wonderful opportunity to immerse themselves in the American environment, to tighten the language
chat with agents, and maybe get an offer that I can’t
to give up.”

The first series of the new season, viewers will be able to see next Monday July 31.