Диана Арбенина планирует усыновить ребенка The soloist of group “Night snipers” ready to take the child from the orphanage and raise him as my own. Children of Diana Arbenina support the decision mom and also dream of a big family. Also the actress wants to get married and hopes that the companion will be an example for kids.
Диана Арбенина планирует усыновить ребенка

Singer Diana Arbenina has two children – eight-year-old twins Artem and Martha. However, the soloist of group “Night snipers” dreams of a big family, and therefore does not exclude that will become a mother again. However, now 44-year-old actress thinks about future childbirth and did not plan ahead. She said she is ready to take the child from the orphanage and raise him as my own. Moreover, it is nice that this idea was supported by son and daughter – they don’t mind if they have a brother or sister.

“I would love children I have already discussed. Offered them someone to adopt, they only. For me no other children. I actually rarely divide people into strangers and their own. I believe that if some bastard (in this case — woman man so I don’t blame them) abandoned her child, and I have the opportunity to take it to him, then why not? Could still be solved”, – said Arbenina.
Диана Арбенина планирует усыновить ребенка

About the father of the children of Diana, nothing is known the artist for several years, not to say on this subject. She was married in 1993, the year when for a residence permit signed by musician Konstantin Arbenina. However, the singer hopes to meet the man of my dreams with whom I can create strong family. However, Artem and Martha is not happy with such bold ideas mom. She believes that in a family children grow up more happy.

Диана Арбенина планирует усыновить ребенка“Usually all I think about it, it happens. Last summer we with children have an afternoon snack, I suddenly unexpectedly for myself I asked: “Guys, should I get married?”. And they screamed: “No, mother, no!”. I still wonder why there was such a reaction, but I never got answer from them” – confessed celebrity.

Diana even knows what the holiday would be arranged in honour of the wedding. She wants to invite all friends and noisy to celebrate a wedding.

She is glad her children were born in 35 years. She admitted in an interview Woman.ru that before was totally unprepared for motherhood – she was interested in music and hangouts. The actress said that the son and daughter completely changed her, gave more strength and health.