Светлана Иванова перестала скрывать пол младшего ребенка Svetlana Ivanova no longer hide the fact that he gave the Director Janik Fayzieva another daughter. Recently, the happy mom published a picture and told me that three months ago gave birth to a girl.
Светлана Иванова перестала скрывать пол младшего ребенка

32-year-old Svetlana Ivanova always been stealth. The actress is extremely reluctant to comment on personal life, despite rumors about her affair with at the time, married Janik Fayzieva went a long time. Lovers officially recognized your novel in 2015, after which it became clear that the father of the eldest daughter of the artist most likely is the Director of “the Turkish gambit”.

Well, the fourth of may, Svetlana gave birth to her second child. She long refused to comment on the pregnancy, but then it was still occasionally post photos with a stroller. Recently, it was also revealed the gender of your baby — it turns out that three months ago the actress gave birth to a girl.

“The eldest takes the youngest is asleep. And stroller like Bruce Willis! With him, though, she modestly gray, but modesty is not our Forte,” said the actress on Instagram.
Светлана Иванова перестала скрывать пол младшего ребенка

The post instantly garnered a lot of comments from admiring fans. Many of them noted that the actress has managed to get back into perfect shape, while others rejoiced that the gender of the youngest child Ivanova ceased to be a secret.

But to comment on the relationship with Fayzieva actress still refuses. It does not publish any photographs of 57-year-old Director won’t say who is the father of her children.

Even recently there were rumors that the relations of star pair, there is a crisis, but Ivanova shared with the eldest daughter Polina, who dispelled any doubts about this.

“With dad fishing. It seems full of enthusiasm”, — has signed a frame Svetlana.

Apparently, Faiziev and Ivanov are still happy together. The fans support her in her quest to protect her personal life from the spotlight. However, they hope that sooner or later the star couple go down the aisle.

Despite the fact that the actress a few months ago became a mother to abandon creative projects she does not intend to. So, in 2018, the screens will be released four projects with her participation. By the way, the Director of one of them called “Goalkeeper of the galaxy” became dzhanik Fayziev. Apparently, even on the set the Director and his Muse do not want to be separated.