Май Абрикосов о сносе съемочной площадки «ДОМа-2»: «Шоу вызывает отвращение» May Abrikosov spoke negatively about the future of “House-2”. According to him, competent managers would be able to make the show more popular due to the move, but this is unlikely to happen because of the professionalism of producers.
Май Абрикосов о сносе съемочной площадки «ДОМа-2»: «Шоу вызывает отвращение»

Once May Abrikosov was one of the main stars of the project “DOM-2”. Having been on set for almost three years, the controversial party has gone to the perimeter and become a hermit. Now he tries to distance itself from its questionable glory, but occasionally still speaks about the show.

So, the news of the demolition of the set a lot excited Abrikosov. He noted that a change of scenery can be turned into a benefit show, but the leaders of the “House-2” is unlikely to be able to do it.

“You can change everything, to clean the project from dirt, from falsehood, made effective to attract viewers. Even a platform to re-create. But that’s interesting. But, I don’t believe in incompetent and helpless of the organizers of the “House-2″? You recently saw the premiere show with Borodina Buzova and in the framework of the project? Oh, the horror. To what extent have to be far from the correct feelings, to compose the primitive. Hoped for? Was expecting a runaway success? Another proof of the worthlessness of the leaders”, — said Roman Tertychnyy, better known as May of Apricots.
Май Абрикосов о сносе съемочной площадки «ДОМа-2»: «Шоу вызывает отвращение»

According to the former participant “Houses-2” the current leadership has long shown to be ineffective. Himself May ready to offer their own development strategy show with a full reboot. Now, according to Abrikosov, scandalous telestroke makes the audience extremely negative reaction, and sooner or later it will lead to the closure of the program.

“DOM-2″ lost its position a few years ago. Now the show makes the audience disgusted, participants despised, leading not taken seriously. Need capital to rebuild the project. To do things a new way! With fresh bold ideas!Breathe life and create a real project. The scope of work is vast, but the success in my opinion possible”, — shared his thoughts May.

Many fans supported the former participant “Houses-2”. Some of them confirmed what has long ceased to watch the draft due to the fact that there are no really bright stars, for whom it would be interesting to watch.

However, there were those who stood up for telestroke. According to them, the show continues to evolve, and therefore its audience is not reduced.

Anyway, moving “House-2” on the new set seems a foregone conclusion. Moscow authorities intend to build the road and stop in place of the current place of execution, and the producers of the project is proposed to choose a new plot of land of equal value within two months.

The management of “House-2” commented on the rumors about the demolition of the set

Sincere fans of the show hope that the move will not negatively affect the ratings of “House-2”.But in May, Apricots’m sure that soon one of the longest-running projects of the Russian television will be closed.