Developers from several countries have created a cryptocurrency to help Russians ASWT will help businesses and ordinary people make payments around the world the world.

Interest in cryptocurrencies is growing every year. Largely because they allow you to store and transfer funds without restrictions.

Tokens are being developed by well-known entrepreneurs and stars – for example, singer Grimes, the former Elon Musk, released her NFTs and earned almost $6 million in less than half an hour. Paris Hilton is not far behind – the most famous blonde in the world has created a token tied to a photo of her cat. And Lindsay Lohan believes that the future belongs to the “crypto”.

Judging by the problems Russian citizens and businesses are now facing after the imposition of sanctions, cryptocurrency is indeed the only and most convenient channel for transfers for them. This was understood by enthusiastic developers from the CIS and Russia. They teamed up and created the Anti-SWIFT Token, ASWT for short.

“It is an open source decentralized cryptocurrency. We used the P2P model, so all transfers are made in a few seconds, without commission. Only the owner has access to the wallet, while he remains incognito, ”the Anti-SWIFT Token (ASWT) developers, who wished to remain anonymous, said on the project website.

Sales of the new cryptocurrency began on the first of April. After going public, ASWT is up 120% in less than 24 hours. And on Pancakeswap, the token surged by 50% in the first day. Its creators are not going to stop there – by the autumn they will make their own, closed chain of blocks, then – NFT coupons. The latter can be stored in your digital wallet and buy everything you need and want.

For those who are interested in the new “crypto”, the developers advise you to hurry up. Capitalization, and, consequently, the cost of the token is growing every week.

“You can buy our tokens for any cryptocurrency and from any digital wallet. We started at 0.00025 BNB in ​​the first week, now the price has already approached 0.00050 BNB for our token. At the end of the month, we expect that its value will increase by at least a few tens of points, up to 0.00100 BNB,” the developers of Anti-SWIFT Token (ASWT) said on the website and in the Telegram of the project.

By the way, on the channel in the messenger Almost 20,000 people have already signed up. The first ASWT holders – buyers of the new digital currency – received various bonuses, for example, additional coins. You can jump into this car until October 1 – then the developers of Anti-SWIFT Token will stop giving out buns and turn around in full force.

But they have potential. Since the beginning of this year, 4 previously practically unknown altcoins have grown significantly in price at once. Their holders not only recouped their investments, but also increased their capital several times over. But the most revealing example is bitcoin – those who bought it at the start now praise themselves every day for this decision. At the same time, at launch, the cue ball could not boast of such indicators with six zeros as the Anti-SWIFT Token. There is something to think about.

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