Morgenstern visits an immunocompromised fan Morgenstern's name often appears in some scandalous news.

Morgenstern visited a fan suffering from immunodeficiency But the rapper and good deeds. It is known that from time to time he does charity work and has already met with fans suffering from any disease.

Morgenstern visits immunocompromised fan

Now to him Relatives of a boy undergoing treatment in Tel Aviv asked. Sasha Sizhechenko is struggling with severe combined immunodeficiency.

Morgenstern, who is now also in Israel, did not refuse and visited the young admirer, arriving with a bunch of gifts.

Morgenstern visited a fan suffering from immunodeficiency

“They spent more than an hour with Sasha, played together. The child is very delighted. He is very happy, this I can't express it, and I'm so glad! Positive emotions give him the strength to recover. After the meeting, Sasha immediately called everyone, said that Morgenstern came to him and how happy he was. He said that it was a very cool meeting! Thank you very much!” – said the boy's mother.

By the way, not everything is going smoothly in the life of a rapper now. Recently, his wife announced a divorce.

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