Designers have created shoes with removable heel

Дизайнеры создали туфли со съемным каблуком

True maiden’s dream – now you don’t have to suffer the whole day on high heels. In the morning, went out in Slippers on a continuous sole evening heels screwed.

If I believed in Santa Claus and decided to write him a letter and asked only one thing: you can make it so, dear grandfather, to all day to walk on spikes and not get exhausted? To shoes never reaped, and the Shoe was always comfortable, my legs are swollen and everything is painfully familiar to every woman?

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The pleas of the women of the world finally heard! German brand Mime et moi has created a collection of shoes with interchangeable heels. Now it is enough to buy one favorite pair, and it in the kit you will receive as many as five different heel heights and shapes for all occasions: low heel 3 cm, medium – 7cm wide in a stable version or stiletto heels, high heel of 10 cm is also relatively broader and more stable form or on a thin stiletto heel.

But most importantly, to change this simple heel – soles are installed a latch, pulling you unbuckle the heel. So you even outside help is needed. Ran to work on a continuous sole, the heel lift attached and entered the office in full regalia. Well, just a dream!

Sandals Mime et Moi, sold at the online boutique of the brand at the price from 175 to 205 euros per couple. The footwear is made in Spain of genuine leather and, judging by the pictures, has a good quality.

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