У Дениса Матросова отобрали квартиру в центре Москвы Father Denis Matrosov died when the boy was only 11 years old. The man died due to medical errors, which was a severe blow to the family. After dad died the actor couldn’t keep an apartment overlooking the Kremlin – housing took over the state.
У Дениса Матросова отобрали квартиру в центре Москвы

Denis Matrosov was born in a family of techies. When the boy was 11 years old he lost his father, Vladimir Ivanovich died due to medical mistakes during surgery. After the death of a parent, Denis ‘ mother was left with two children and all the chores fell on her shoulders. A woman so much loved spouse, that more have not tied knot with any of the other men.

“For her you, and with your care, we Olesko all began! For a long time I could not go to school on the bus route which passed by this hospital,” recalls Denis.

Childhood Sailors often went with his father to work in a restaurant where he was pampered foreign drinks and gave Japanese gum. Vladimir was one of the first who introduced the fashion for exotic cuisine in the USSR. Thanks to the efforts of father Matrosov, their family lived in a prestigious apartment in the center of Moscow, which after his death they chose.

“Your place on Ozerkovskaya, with a view of the Kremlin, we have selected the state, and made it communal. We’ve been registered at my mother’s apartment. But your library, which you so zealously collected, and left. Years passed, none of us in the family was not able to part with it. Now is the time of gadgets, and dusty shelves out of fashion. But your books and your shelves are alive!” – told the Sailors.

Throughout his life Denis felt that sometimes he needed her father’s help. 17 Sailors began working in television and was preparing to enter the theater Institute. All teachers noted his keen intelligence of a teenager and his thirst for knowledge. Sailors came to the grave of his father and sometimes asked him for advice.

“Once, when entering the theater school, at your grave, I said I want to go into this profession to play only positive characters that I got to bring a smile and joy, faith and love! And interestingly, it was a very long time. My characters were such,” wrote the artist.

Sailors and tries to tell his father the children, the eldest son, van and small munity. One of them he even visited the Museum of retro cars, showed him rare Zaporozhets. Recently Denis tries to pay maximum attention to all children.

“This summer I’m going to make one of the biggest dreams of an older child Ivana is to go in a real campaign. Together with his wife Olga, sons Ivan and Fyodor, and daughter of the wife from his first marriage, Alexandra, Dennis plans to go Hiking in the Tver region. For me it is extremely important not to forget that all the money did not earn, and the family needs you at home, not in the eternal pursuit of replenishment of the family budget”, – told the Sailors about plans for the future.